bubblegum bitch

"stevie nicks shows off hit product of collaboration with husband lindsey buckingham"

i'm kira and i have a phd in lindsey b

♪ the who 1feb2013 // fleetwood mac 22may2013 // the monkees 14aug2013 // cyndi lauper + cher 2july2014 ♪


Ringo, 1963


Marianne Faithfull | ca. 1965 


March 18, 1969 - George & Pattie leave court after being released on bail for drugs charges 


Stevie Nicks on the Mirage tour.  This may have been photographed in Detroit, MI or right around the Detroit date of the Mirage tour because she is wearing a local radio station pin on her jacket.

Cher poses for a portrait session at home on October 30, in Beverly Hills, California, photographed by Michael Montfort, 1977.


Getting off a boat in New Zealand. An off-shore island tour, in which the promoter himself, Paul Dainty, got sea sick. After we got off the boat, I followed Lindsey on shore & snapped this Polaroid, as a female Punter recognized & grabbed him. He looked back at me momentarily, unsure of her intent, as if about to say “how about a little help here?” Fine, but I got the picture first.



If you’ve never experienced the really dark and deep lows of love, then you can never really experience the real highs of love. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Just to know that I am capable of feeling that strongly about another person… that knocks me out.