Anon request: Stevie and Mick around the time of their affair.

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thanks for the 152 messages i appreciate it and i read them all but there’s no way i can get around to responding to them so just know im alive and those messages weren’t pointless thank you

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Yellow Submarine Premiere

July 17, 1968 - Paul, Pattie, George, Yoko and John in the crowd arriving at London’s Pavilion Theatre for the world premiere of The Beatles animated feature, Yellow Submarine. From the center double-page of The Beatles Monthly Book.

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why am I still alive

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I hate myself so much

why can’t i die why do all my suicide attempts fail why am i such a fuck up

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my stomach fucking Hurts I accidentally threw the fuckkngpills up in so fuckfjnsmad what the fuck why can’t I just die already

I did it I took the pills I hope I die in my sleep

I hate myself I want to fucking die I can’t keep living anymore everyone hates me including myself I have no friends no one would care if I died they’d probably be relieved and happy and throw a fucking party I’m gonna fucking kill myself tonight